I am a photographer and videographer based on the Isle of Wight, an island off of the south coast of the U.K.
My career behind the camera began whilst at university in London, where I was recruited (forced) by my blogger girlfriend, Charlotte, to help capture content for her fashion blog and Instagram account. 
As Charlotte's blog began to gain traction and more and more opportunities came her way and I soon found myself behind the camera every day. As her blog grew she began to shift away from just fashion into travel and lifestyle, and together we have travelled the world to promote hotels and brands, at this point solely through photography.
It was in spring 2017 that I decided to create a video of one of our trips. After filming non-stop in the Philippines I put together a travel video that had an amazing response, reaching over 100k views on Youtube within a month, and I was hooked on creating videos.
Since then I have had the opportunity to capture video and photo content for clients ranging from hotels and airlines to fashion brands and apps, gaining clients on my own standing and continuing to work as a duo with Charlotte for her blog.
I'm open to any and all work that puts me behind the camera, so send me an email and lets create something together!

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